Veterans Day message from the CEO

<Rick’s Veterans Day e-mail to employees>

Good Morning,

Today on Veterans Day I want to thank the veterans in our company for your service to our great nation.

I want to recognize the service family members for your strength and sacrifices.

And I want to thank all our employees who have accepted the opportunity to serve those who have served us.

While some of the biggest companies in the country talk about introducing service members to opportunities in the private sector, we are doing it in a meaningful way. In the past year we:

  • Piloted the groundbreaking Microsoft Software & Systems Academy to train transitioning servicemembers for technology roles. After proving the concept, we expanded partnerships for training vets, while pivoting to our core business model of staffing. Our P.A.V.E. Programs for Accelerated Veteran Employment have enabled us to provide large scale hiring programs for major organizations
  • Donated case management technology to Rally Point/6, the largest transition center in the northwest
  • Helped clients dramatically reduced the time to direct hire veteran
  • Mentored prospective veteran entrepreneurs

We are walking the walk.

Some of our senior leaders are in our nation’s capital today to continue our mission, talking with former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, VA Secretary Bob MacDonald, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, many legislators, leaders from veteran service organizations. We all agree the country can do more to change the conversation from “Thank you for your service” to “What’s next for you? How can I help?”

A key statistic from our meeting is, 55% of military members feel disconnected from the private sector. By creating opportunities veterans didn’t know existed, by presenting pathways to careers that would otherwise go unexplored, and by championing opportunities for veterans who are fully qualified but who would otherwise be overlooked, we all have become part of this service community.

I’m proud that our company has been leading on this front and I’m excited about the opportunities ahead. Thank you for helping to honor veterans today and every day, and thank you for your service to our company.

Rick Nelson, CEO