Meet Business Athlete, Sam Cook


Sam Cook might be a software engineer, but he doesn’t just sit behind a keyboard. Evenings may find him building a picnic table on Launch’s roof or leading a team night hike. With a wit dry enough to chap a camel’s lips, he’s dynamic and full of surprises. Case in point: When asked what his theme song is, he answered, “‘Dancing Queen,’ duh!”

Sam’s energy and good taste in music, coupled with his programming prowess, recently earned him a Maverick Award at Launch. The Maverick Award recognizes those who put forth extra effort, exemplary work, and contributions toward Launch’s unique company culture. Sam has come through in spades thus far in 2015, and we wanted to know more about his background and what’s next for him.

Launch: What is your role, really?

Sam Cook: Coffee drinker. Designated Complainer. Problem solver. Which is far better than writing software all day!

Launch: What was the “aha” moment for you? When did you know you wanted to do this?

SC: When I was writing “scripts” when I was in elementary school, and somebody told me that what I was doing was computer programming.

Launch: Why did you want to work with Launch?

SC: The culture convinced me. I was weighing some other offers when I had my interview at Launch, and when I came into the office I really liked the atmosphere and the couple of people I met. The commute might be way worse, but I definitely made the right choice. …  Actually, I’m pretty sure it was just the ping pong table.

<Note, Sam recruited his brother and sister to work as developers at Launch, too!>

Launch: What is the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn?

SC: Hmm…How to talk to people without accidentally offending them?  I’ll let everyone know when I figure that out.

Launch: What’s the most important piece of advice you wish you’d gotten?

SC: Whatever it was, I most likely got the advice and ignored it until I learned whatever they were trying to tell me the hard way. So maybe the best advice I could have gotten is “listen to other people’s advice.”

Launch: What’s next for you?

SC: Application and network security, maybe.  I’d like to learn more about that stuff.

Launch: What would you drop everything to do at this moment, if you had the chance?

SC: I’d drop everything to grab a donut or a good steak sandwich, probably. Seriously? Go to space, or a good opportunity to work abroad.

Launch: What is your superpower?

SC: Sarcasm.

Launch: What do you wish I had asked you?

SC: More questions that “sarcasm” would have been a viable answer to.

In a field that can be extremely busy and chaotic, Sam takes pride in solving problems and creating order through code. With strong software engineering skills and a personality that can’t be ignored, Sam Cook is a business athlete to be reckoned with. With him behind the scenes, clients can be sure that their businesses will have an innovative solution to propel them further, faster.


People often ask why we work with who we work with. This is part of a series where we showcase our Business Athletes  — employees and partners who make our team strong.