Meet Business Athlete, Emily Cole

When Emily Cole isn’t analyzing businesses at TA Group Holdings—and, according to her, enjoying every minute of it—she’s training for her next triathlon. With arms Michelle Obama would envy, and plans to conquer another Half Ironman

Emily Cole
Business Athlete

in Austria in August, Emily knows a little something about motivation, discipline, and goal-setting. As a company who chooses to work with business athletes, we at Launch are inspired by her technical and athletic prowess. We sat down with her to learn more.

Launch: What is your role, really?

Emily Cole: First: Solving problems. Second: Facilitating people who are great at what they do to do their great work.

Launch: Why did you want to work with Launch?

EC: Launch is dynamic, ever-changing, never-perfect, innovative, fast-paced, full of excellent people doing excellent things, and I believe in the leadership team.

Launch: What is your superpower?

EC: Seeing the good in all people and things.

Launch: What is the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn?

EC: Our little time truly is a finite resource and there will always be more intriguing, exciting things to do than time to do them in.

Launch: What were some of the unexpected hurdles working in tech? What was an unexpected benefit?

EC: Starting out in the tech industry from a biology background was like moving to a foreign country without knowing a single word! An unexpected benefit is that I’ve learned to navigate by understanding that everyone has their own unique expertise and skill set and we’re best working together, so I don’t have to know it all!  Good teams get great work done.

Launch: What do you wish more people knew about? Why do you care about this issue?

EC: Healthy eating. It gives you more energy than you know what to do with each day.

Launch: Regarding your triathlons—what motivates you to train?

EC: I’ve never had a race I didn’t love because every single one has been an opportunity to see where I am strong and see where I am weak and become a better person. A personal record means nothing to me—I chase excellence.  What motivates me is giving my 100% every day in the pursuit of excellence.  Every athlete can get up for the championship race; I want to be the athlete who gets up to fight, gritty and all in, when not a soul is watching. I believe great things are a steady accumulation of many little good things, so every little thing counts. I feel this every time I train or race, and it is a fire that cannot be stopped.

Clearly, Emily is someone who both strives for and appreciates excellence. Believing strongly not only in personal improvement but also in the importance of teamwork, she truly embodies the Business Athlete standard. With her focus on propelling her team to new heights and herself to new lengths, she has what it takes to drive TA Group, Launch, and all of their clients further, faster.


People often ask why we work with who we work with. This is part of a series where we showcase our Business Athletes  — employees and partners who make our team strong.