#MathMadness Check-In: March 22

– Jared Endicott, Launch BI Analyst and Business Athlete 

Professor Madness here to share an update on the latest #LaunchMadness simulated brackets I created (12 with the ranking model and 12 with the coin flip method). The scores are from the ESPN Bracket Challenge – how did you do?

  • Ranking Model average is 366 vs Coin Flip average of 232, so predictive analytics is scoring better than random chance.
  • The bracket I chose as my prediction for pools and bragging rights is Ranking Model Simulation 05, and this is scoring pretty good at 460. I am ranking 3.9M with that one, which so far is better than 79.4% of the millions of brackets submitted.
  • Bing Predicts’ bracket is currently scoring 440, so I am beating it. Plus they had Villanova to win it all and that’s not happening, so they have less upside left.
  • I still have Gonzaga and Kentucky in it for the Final Four, with Villanova and Louisville out, and Gonzaga still has a shot to win it!

image006image007 (1)

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