Launch Foresights:  Predictive Analytics that Shape Dynamic Customer Experiences

Geoff McDonald Joins Launch Consulting to Lead Practice

As consumer brands have undoubtedly noticed, there’s a clear shift underfoot that’s dramatically changing how companies interact with their customers. Gone are the days when crafty, creative media blitzes were enough to dictate a brand narrative. In its place: Honest, authentic, engagement on a one-to-one level.

Today, consumers select brands in a very similar way that they choose friends — valuing trustworthiness, helpfulness, and affinity over anything else. And that selection process is facilitated by widespread access to a bevy of tools, information, and decision-making resources.

For consumer-focused companies, this means one thing: creating data-driven, personalized experiences for customers is the best path to impacting bottom-line results. Many brands have been searching for ways to define and leverage predictive analytics to create these custom experiences.

Over the past few months, our Launch Foresights

Geoff McDonald Joins Launch

Geoff McDonald Joins Launch

team has been hard at work to adapt to new trends in consumer behavior and develop capabilities that better help agencies and brands navigate this shift. We recently deployed a Predictive Analytics tool that’s aimed at helping brands (and their agency partners). Launch Foresights helps our clients:

  • Predict customer behavior and generate future-forward, tactical direction, for the brand.
  • Make the best decisions to change behavior
  • Improve new and existing customer loyalty and transactions by boosting engagement across multiple channels

We think it’s a game-changer in our industry, which is why we added an industry expert to lead this initiative for our team: Geoff McDonald, a marketing analytics expert best known for co-founding SplashLab — a technology platform designed to help major national brands improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Geoff has worked with brands like Vitaminwater, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and L’Oreal. At Launch, he’ll take that experience to the next level, interconnecting multichannel digital and social insights to make actionable, profit-driving decisions.

Launch has a strong track record of business intelligence and predictive analytics solutions that marries well with Geoff’s expertise in consumer insights. The result is new tools that give brands creative ways to monetize their customer data.

As Geoff says: “There’s an enormous opportunity to take what Launch has already developed and bring further value to larger brands. And, more broadly, there is an opportunity to fundamentally change how brands look at the world and their consumers going forward.”

I hope you’re as excited as we are to embrace — and lead — the future of consumer experiences!

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