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Meet Business Athlete: Taylor Young


Meet Taylor Young: Launch Business Athlete. With a background in sports management and marketing, this software engineer has set out on a mission to help others in the field land the perfect job through Coding… Continue reading

Global Web Users


Global Internet Users | Creative UX (CRUX) Source: Global Web Users



Forget Star Wars: Data Wars are the next big thing


There’s a new Star Wars in the works, and it’s going to be a game-changer. No, not that Star Wars. That one already changed the game — did you hear it surpassed Avatar… Continue reading

Meet Business Athlete: Dan Konieczny


Dan Konieczny is a business athlete with a job more complex than his last name’s spelling. An ardent Buffalo Bills fan in a sea of Twelves and 49ers (depending on which office he’s… Continue reading



Geoff McDonald Joins to Lead New Practice Over the past few months, our team has been hard at work to develop a Predictive Analytics tool aimed at helping our clients predict customer behavior and… Continue reading

Meet Business Athlete, Emily Cole


When Emily Cole isn’t analyzing businesses at TA Group Holdings—and, according to her, enjoying every minute of it—she’s training for her next triathlon. With arms Michelle Obama would envy, and plans to conquer… Continue reading

Meet Business Athlete, Sam Cook


Sam Cook might be a software engineer, but he doesn’t just sit behind a keyboard. Evenings may find him building a picnic table on Launch’s roof or leading a team night hike. With… Continue reading

Meet Business Athlete: Gina Goldenberg


Gina Goldenberg knows what it means to be a team player. Before coming to Launch, she co-owned a construction company, and she spent 10 years building, delivering and supporting scientific software at Pharmaceutical company.… Continue reading

Meet Business Athlete Sam Schmidt (Schmidt Peterson Motorsports)


If you’ve never seen Sam Schmidt before, it’s probably because he was moving too fast. Sam is a business athlete in the most literal sense: After purchasing his father’s auto parts business at… Continue reading

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